Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Everybody gather round and share in the delights of Foundphotos - a collection of accidentally brilliant images.

The photos are collected (or stolen as far as I can make out) from all over the world.

Users of file sharing websites for downloading music, often make their photo albums publicly available, along with their collection of rare Britney b-sides.

This seems to be an unintentional oversight by the users but the guy who runs Foundphotos has exploited people's carelessness to raid their albums for photographic gems.

All for a good cause though as the results are hypnotisingly good.

I have lost many an hour scrolling through this collection of pictures that bear comparison to a family photo album.

Not like your family or my family but like some kind of experimental family - a failed experiment of a family, full of freaks.

What I'm getting at is that some of the pictures are the kind of mundane thing you'd expect to see in an unimaginative, family photo album.

Somehow, the guy that compiled the website manages to see beauty or character or something fascinating in images that would otherwise be uninspiring if you were rifling through the collection that they were originally taken from.

This is why I think they are accidentally brilliant.

Rather than listen to me prattling on about it, why don't you just go and check out Foundphotos.

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Tinsie said...

I *love* that wedding photo :-)