Sunday, 30 September 2007

Does the world really need another blog?


But as I said, I have a gun, so do pipe down at the back and settle down to a warm cup of my ego.

While trying to work out what a blog is supposed to be, I discovered that it's basically just a forum for displaying the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Just checking if anyone is actually reading this.

So yeah, a blog is for posting links to cool stuff that other people might like or for reporting on news events without being a published journalist.

I'm not currently sitting in a Burmese Internet cafe and nobody wants to hear about Michael Jackson jumping in front of the train I was on today (still reading?), so I thought I'd concentrate on posting links to cool stuff.

One of my favourite journalists is called Charlie Brooker and I imagine a lot of my posts are going to revolve around stuff he's done.

I rarely read one of his articles without laughing out loud and they often induce belly-ripping hysterics at the most inappropriate junctures.

He regularly writes for the Guardian but rose to notoriety through his website,

Essentially, it parodies the Radio Times which is a british tv guide (see how my ego already believes that my blog has an international readership).

The programmes are all fictitious and their descriptions are the product of Brooker's cynacism towards modern TV.

The world of trash, reality TV and makeover programmes are satirised perfectly.

Anyway, enough of the bullshit, off you tootle and check it out.